E3 2014 Live Stream (Youtube stream)

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Project Beast Revealed (E3 2014 Sony)

So my suspicions in the last article where correct, FROM SOFTWARE have just unveiled their brand spanking new ip titled Bloodborne, which many thought (Including myself) was going to be demon souls 2 or Beast Souls.

I did have a feeling that they would unveil it during E3, this is considering the game footage was very furbished meaning the game is either well into it’s stages of development or almost ready for this fall (don’t hold me to it).

I made the assumption that this game was maybe announced/ discovered too soon but i now knowing it is a new title all together FROM SOFTWARE seem to be stepping away from the Dark Souls and Demon Souls rpg dungeon crawlers and maybe just maybe they’ve made a game that can appeal to and may even create new followers of this prestigious development company

Whatever the case may be no final verdicts can be created just yet. I am however glad that it isn’t a DkS or DeS because that would mean FS have taken bad game standpoints and decided to release more and more buffed up versions of the same game. A new ip could mean fresh new ideas and probably a whole new fan base, similar to the way DkS and DeS now seem to  have a religious following (i am part of it… i kid)

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Project Beast/ Beast Souls… I Really Do Not Know What To Make Of This

Prepare to die… Again.

For those that are not familiar with the whole dungeon crawling aspect of video games, i will enlighten you… Dungeon crawlers are in my opinion some of the hardest type of RPG branches imaginable, once again in my opinion so please don’t start formulating arguments as to why they are not. Early stages of dungeon crawlers which i cried whilst playing would be Elder Scrolls Arena and Daggerfall, which in my opinion where not as enjoyable as nostalgic gamers love to think… we all know what a nostalgic gamer is.

Okay I digress, quite a bit. The reason I am mentioning dungeon crawlers and the sheer difficulty of them is because I am a fan of FROM SOFTWARE’s Dark Souls (I haven’t played Demon Souls, regrettably), the release of Dark Souls II on May 11 was something my friends and I had been anticipating since it’s announcement in December, and even if I couldn’t get my hands on a copy (Money’s tight), I definitely wanted to play the game.

Dark Souls II was met with mixed reviews, as was Dark Souls, but the majority of the fans enjoyed the games added functionality, gorgeous gameplay mechanics, and grim isolated scenarios and environment…

But this isn’t a DkS review, I write to proclaim that there is leaked footage of what most are referring to as Project: Beast which will either be a Demon Souls sequel or an entirely new title it could even be, as the commentator in video said, a continuation of the Shadow Tower series because of the use of guns which is depicted in the footage, Sony have confirmed nothing but it is rumored to be current gen (ps4, xbox 0ne), and also rumored to be ps4 exclusive only… I know little about it buuuut i will be watching very closely on any changes. E3 is coming soon so maybe, just maybe there will be mention of the upcoming game.

However the reason i stated in the title that i don’t know what to make of it is because of the “Soonishness” for lack of a suitable word. DkS II has only nearly completed it’s cycle, and nearly all have completed it at least once, why i think this might cause a problem for FROM SOFTWARE is that this PrBeast feels like it could have simply been a… DLC. The game style resembles DkS/DeS but i feel that this footage, if it depicts the making of a new game, is a tad slight early. One hates to hear DLC, the whole downloading extra game content is in my opinion making games less and less enjoyable, especially with companies exploiting the advancements in computer technology, alas if this game was being worked on simultaneously as DkS II it feels like it could have just been an add on.

Whatever the reason is for this footage, whether it is a new Title or a continuation for brand spanking new game, this undoubtedly will be something to look forward to.

check out this footage with an explanation of what it might mean,


Anime You Should Watch If You Feel Like You Are Regaining Your Social Life (Part I)

Due to the unfortunate event of hurricane “Procrastination”, which destroyed the majority of my teams production skills, TheGridBox has been offline for a while. We have however been keeping up-to-date on games and anime for the past few months and for this new article we will be presenting our opinion on: “Anime To Watch If You feel Like You Are Starting To Regain Your Social Life”

Shall We Begin…

Firstly my pets we shall start wiiiiith… Anime You should have seen.

Noragami (developed by Bones based of the manga of the same name by Adachi Toka):

This anime follows the story of Iki Hiyori and her introduction to the world of Gods and Phantoms.
Hiyori a highschool girl meets Yatogami a minor god who will grant any wish for 5 yen. Watch as Hiyori and Yato grant requests ranging from, saving the city from Phantoms to working at an ice cream shop, and watch as we learn more about Yato’s past.

This anime was developed by Bones, they who brought us the beautiful ‘Soul Eater’ and ‘Full Metal Alchemist’, this for me was enough to make this an instant must watch. The anime’s visuals were gorgeous and Bones truly brought in their trademark animation quality with the incorporation of fluid action scenes and correct character proportion. The story was unique and for those who have seen it and are reading this you will see a stark comparison between ‘Noragami’ and ‘Soul Eater’ (*wink *wink). Character designs cannot be flawed whatsoever it was one of those animes the characters where instantly recognisable and i felt that attention had been put into each character.

The anime as I stated before was based off the manga by Adachi Toka,  why is this in cons, i felt that team could have dealt with the plot of the manga a bit more, not to say all the manga was perfect but there were some things they could have incorporated to truly make the watchers feel like they had been fulfilled in entertainment… the ending leaves for something to be desired. The anime i felt knitted in threads of plot and failed to fully digress on those threads so in the end we were left with an unfinished scarf.

All in all the anime is a great choice for fans of supernatural/ action and comedy. I would also recommend  reading the manga, simply because of the inconsistencies with the anime itself.

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Kingdom Hearts III Yes… I am a fan

Yes… I am a fan of KH to me it filled most of my childhood with wonderous memories of smacking creepy crack addicted monsters with an over-sized chastity belt key “i hear your key opens all types of locks”.

Why i’m not excited i have yet to complete the second game and i have only just recently got started with the DS release; 385 days, the game didn’t grasp my attention as much, That is my only problem apart from that i’m thrilled about the game, especially when Square Enix have supposedly announced a KH online mmo, but that is for another time.

The video above depicts an older much more mature Sora as you can see the game got a huge overhaul for next gen graphics but the developers seemed to have kept the fundamentals of the game i.e. Sora seems to wear belt straps that cover the majority of his clothing as though his clothes barely fit, and the big feet, but you know what the say about big feet (giant keyblade).

I didn’t go out much as a kid, i was kinda sheltered, but i remember playing KH for the first time and the loneliness created by not getting to play outside with my friends vanished as soon as i pressed start.

When you walk away, you won’t hear me say: please oh baby, don’t go.
Simple and clean today remains my fave OP for a game.

KHII i will be waiting for you my husky mistress.


Watch Dogs: Im going to Love, hate this game (RANT)

This is only going to be short… “ish”.
Before i start my rant about Watch Dogs, let me begin by informing readers that i absolutely adore Ubisoft, my first game published by them “Prince of Persia: Sands of Time” the fluidity, the story, the concept all of it added up to make the beauty that was PoP. PoP is partly the reason i became obssesed with Ubisoft, and then i became further intoxicated with them following the release of Assassins Creed. I guess the whole concept of free roam and freefighting carried over from AC to the acclaimed Watch Dogs.

Enough backstory about Ubi, Watch Dogs is the 3rd person sand box by Ubisoft Montreal, following the story of a skilled hacker (better term would be grey hat/ black hat), Aiden Pearce, voiced by Noam Jekins, you are an anti-hero and the city of Chicago is your personal playground.
I won’t go into too much detail as this is just an impression of what i think of the game and my impression is, i love it.
This game you play as a vigilante who uses his cellphone to hack the city’s mainframe, it’s every technological enthusiast wet dream, for people like me who are interested in the line of software engineering and computer science, this game seems like the perfect opportunity to flex our inner tech geek muscle.

This post is late I know but this game was scheduled for this year and then was held back for 2014 so i can only imagine
what Ubi have in stall for us.

Even though i am pretty excited about the games release, what i am not looking forward to is uneducated tards that all of a sudden think they know all about computers after playing this game, but still can’t tell the difference between mark-up and a programming language (HTML is not a programming language), i’m not hating i was once in that position myself, but this game will truly be enjoyed by people who have at least dipped their keyboard flattened fingers in a bit of programming or web engineering.

I hope i don’t sound pretentious, the hate is more aimed at script-kiddies than anyone esle.

So basically I’m going to love hate this game.


POP or FLOP: Ubisoft’s Child of Light Announcement for 2014 (Modd’s Anal-ysis)

Well well well what do we have here, i’ll tell you; a turnbased RPG, inspired by childhood fairy tales and from the creative team of work such as Far Cry 3, and we all now how good that was.
From my little knowledge of Child of Light i can see this game is going to turn out, one of two ways, this game will either; capture people’s attention like work such as little big planet, or this game will flop worse than a fish out of water surrounded by angry sea men.

Before get onto the actual specifics on the game let us take a look at a few things first.
I was once attended a game work shop in Kildare for a few weeks, run by a Joseph Murphy who owns a page called the gaming liberty (really good btw).
He said to us; games that step out of the norm and try something different such as Limbo, little big planet, flower etc, can, whilst being extremely clever and fresh, have a danger of messing up, as i said before… flopping like a fish out of water. The dangers of creativity.

I’ll digress my strange point onto Child of Light. Child of Light is a turn-based RPG that sets place in a magical world called Lemuria, you play as Aurora a princess who is sent to Lemuria to defeat the Dark Queen and save the land by returning, the sun, the moon and the stars held in captivity by the queen.

The story, sounds clever but at the same time a bit mediocre, but all aside i do like the theme of the game and the general image it want’s to portray.

It’s a RPG and the elements are, from what i have read, the same as most others: level up, craft system, upgrade weopons and armour the whole shebang

this game also employs puzzle’s in it’s play which most may find much fun.

Aurora builds a party throughout the story, the most incorporated one will be igniculus a fairy looking mofo, the player can use igniculus for many tasks such as blinding enemies when you don’t want to battle. Talking of battle, when you cross an enemy you enter the classic battle phase similar to most turn-based RPG’s.

The game was developed with the UbiArt engine, used for the classic Rayman.
The game will be released in 2014 on platforms such as:

Xbox LIVE Arcade
Wii U
Xbox one
Playstation 4

From what i’ve written this game could actually be very interesting piece of work but at the same time could get no notice what-so-ever and die unrecognized. My personal opinion is; i would play it, i’d play it till the cows come home… or it’s completed.