RWR (Running With Rifles) Review [pc]


Running With Rifles or RWR for short is a highly addictive isometric/top down war shooter for pc by indie-devs; Modulaatio games.

RWR is, as stated, a single/multiplayer, isometric/ top down, shooter, what a mouthful. I am  reviewing this game because i believe it is important t commemorate Indie-developers in the game industry, indie-developers create some of the most fantastic games to date but never get the notice they deserve and RWR is an example of one game that deserves a little more recognition than it receives. So lets start this review shall we?

There is none, it is just a simple single/multi-player shooter,
the aim however is to take over all the territories on the map.

Gameplay/ mecahnics:
I’m giving it’s game play a lovely 7/10,
You aim with the mouse and shoot with the LMB, all but the aiming can be configured.
The game style is good a low poly rendered game never did it so well, the beauty is the fact that you play a wartime scenario you can set more than 100 on each team fighting to dominate an area and you feel like you have so many options to choose from when it comes to the disposal of enemies, wide range of weapons, from assault rifles to grenade launchers, knives and frag grenades even flash-bangs, these can be further enhanced with mods and maps. The level up system is pretty decent and kill-streaks are more of a accessory rather than a must have for example you don’t get any inbound bleeding helicopters. As you level up you get a to have more soldier in your squadron which is the real reason I want to level up, this squadron can actually be controlled to move to certain positions which i thought was a ice little touch.
The features like crouch and prone position also give this war-time shooter a genuine feel to it.
Choice of vehicles like, tanks and boats added an alement of fun, the squadron can even hop in!.
I  would comment multi-player but sadly i could not get online to play it. but i would generally say it is the same as offline

These are just some of the pro’s of the game, but the con’s have to be
game can be a bit restricted, i had to adjust my controls three times because there where so many actions. The controls can be slightly awkward
I couldn’t pick up enemy weapons (probably my fault, still pissed about it though).
I felt the game get a bit repetitive, saying this i spent 5hrs at one point, but the game felt a bit boring and it felt nearly impossible to complete objectives i was dying way too much at some points.
The game can take up resources, surprisingly, so if you haven’t got the best PC watch out for slight lag, nothing serious just a few bits whilst rendering, too much activity on screen will be a bitch also, but again this is if you did what i did and played on a low end device.

not much else to say about the cons.

great game-play, lovely take on warfare, sexy style.
repetitive, restrictive movement, hard to understand objectives (maybe just me)

This game is worth the money, i seriously wouldn’t doubt it, the game is clever and unique in it’s style and play, the menu screen is technically the start menu all you have to d is go to the home menu and press escape and you are in a game!

But yea this game is decent in my opinion i give this an indie rating of;


My first ever review so please don’t hate me

Dave S (in comments) brought something to my attention
i forgot to switch up the visuals for the game and this has accounted for a very poor representation of the game.

Apologies for my outdated version 😦
Hopefully these pictures represent the game in a better light
screenshot0 screenshot1screenshot2screenshot3screenshot4screenshot5screenshot6

But Dave’s comment brings up another subject TheGridBox will gladly accept other peoples reviews of games and try to take in the input if we feel that you are correct


2 thoughts on “RWR (Running With Rifles) Review [pc]

  1. I am a huge fan of this game and that since a long while.
    What wonders me in your review is that you used a quite old version (why playing 0.861 even though 0.90 was the latest version at that point?…) of the game (if those screenies happen to be yours). Also there are no shadows, neither postprocessing activated, neither you have grass activated which makes the game look very dull but that might be because you have pretty obsolete hardware.
    You might want to check how the game looks like on the game company’s facebook page as there are newer screenshots there:

    • really nice to get feedback Dave thanks
      I was using an older version but i myself love the game and was purely basing the game on it’s gameplay more than the actual graphics, the settings where turned down, not that my pc couldn’t handle it but simply because at the time i had just turned them on a low setting to record some footage, as you said before i was using some obsolete hardware

      Please don’t take this review as me bashing the game, i love it i just felt that i had to take on the perspective of different people who would play the game just so they could get a fair idea of the game. as i stated before i played and still play this game on casual occasions purely for sport

      once again thanks for the input my team is only new we have alot to learn thanks for the screenshots.

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